Transitions Assessment: Summer Edition

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The last several weeks of school are going to fly by!  Summer is just around the corner.  I know you are busy digging in your heals, adding your last parent request to your list and starting your last intervention before your contract calendar runs out of days.  ISPA wants to know what you are up to this summer so take a few minutes to complete this Transitions Assessment: Summer Edition 

 This quick survey will ask you to report out on your plans for the summer.  Based on the response’s I will write a results post so that you have an idea of what other school based professionals will be doing with their summer!  Click here to complete the short survey.


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ISPecially Yours – March 2017

Um, Professor, Did You Forget to Cover This in Class?

It’s been four years since I left UNI and started my career as a School Psychologist. Four years ago I was assigned to three elementary schools and early childhood and my assignment has remained the same until now. Next year I will have a new assignment which means new responsibilities, relationships, and an opportunity to reintroduce myself as the School Psychologist I am now. This move has me thinking about all that I have learned since graduate school. UNI prepared me for my job responsibilities in so many ways, however there are so many unwritten rules that I feel like I’ve had to learn in practice that will benefit me as I begin my new journey. I’m not the same School Psychologist that I was upon entering the workforce, and I think mostly that’s a good thing. So, I’ve decided to award myself some additional credits for on-the-job training.

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School Psych Spotlight – Tiphanie Keefe

Tiphanie Keefe is a school psychologist in the spotlight this month. Tiphanie is a native Minnesotan, but was raised in Iowa and has moved often since graduating from Luther College with her BA in psychology. She loves to travel, learn, and feel like she makes a difference. She embodies these joys by serving on the local United Way board, church council, and through being a shareholder member of her local school district.  She enjoys advocating for positive discipline practices at home, and she is becoming more involved in politics. She loves kids, animals, and nature. (more…)