ISPecially Yours – March 2017

Um, Professor, Did You Forget to Cover This in Class?

It’s been four years since I left UNI and started my career as a School Psychologist. Four years ago I was assigned to three elementary schools and early childhood and my assignment has remained the same until now. Next year I will have a new assignment which means new responsibilities, relationships, and an opportunity to reintroduce myself as the School Psychologist I am now. This move has me thinking about all that I have learned since graduate school. UNI prepared me for my job responsibilities in so many ways, however there are so many unwritten rules that I feel like I’ve had to learn in practice that will benefit me as I begin my new journey. I’m not the same School Psychologist that I was upon entering the workforce, and I think mostly that’s a good thing. So, I’ve decided to award myself some additional credits for on-the-job training.

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